F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where and when do you practice/rehearse?

All of our rehearsals are held at Aspire Kids Sports Center.

Can I register my son or daughter for dance class?

Our company is a professional ministry of arts group. We do not teach classes to the public or keep registration open during our season. Season rehearsals are set specifically to the number of company dancers (all dancers are company dancers) and vision and creation of the artistic directors set in motion prior to company rehearsals.

How many dance groups are there? What group would my child or I be placed in?

Please see “Dance Groups” under the tab “Worship and Dance”.

What is the cost of joining BCDC?

Please see our Fee Structure on the “Financial Commitment” page under the “About” tab.

Why must I attend a membership meeting before enrolling myself or child in BCDC?

Basileia dancers (and their families) become quickly connected as partners with staff and leadership in walking out our mission. It is important to us for the directors to introduce and welcome all prospective members to our ministry family in person. We present our testimony about the birth of our company, as well as meet veteran family members. All of us are available to answer questions and share important information. We also provide member job descriptions, fee commitment forms, season schedule and calendars, etc. It is MUCH more efficient to answer questions and discuss important information one or two times as a group than to address separate phone calls and emails randomly on a continual basis.

When is the deadline for joining BCDC?

Our membership commitment deadline is set anywhere between late April and early May following our mandatory meetings. All electronic forms online must be completed and submitted at that point.

What if I can’t squeeze the financial commitment in my budget but I truly feel called to join BCDC?

It is never the heart of Basileia staff and leaders to turn away families or individuals who feel called to join our company/ministry, solely based on lack of finances. It is important to bring this concern directly to the directors. There are many ways to sow into our company, one of which is securing sponsors such as grandparents, family businesses, entities looking for tax benefits, faith-based organizations who wish to partner with us, etc. We also continually search for volunteers who can invest hours, energy, resources, and skills and talents to support our operations. Finally, BCDC is currently working on securing scholarship funding. Those who qualify will be able to apply for tuition assistance.

How much dance experience do dance members need to have?

Our dancers have ranged the gamut in terms of dance and stage experience. Most of our members have joined with little or no dance experience. Some come from basic school dance classes or cheerleading and drill teams. A few have had professional dance company experience in the past and some have taught in local or touring companies and studios. Our directors have years of experience in classical and contemporary dance training, performing and instruction, as well as artistic and choreography expertise. We welcome any and all levels of experience or none at all! Our teachers are extremely skilled at teaching and honing technique and the unique qualities and style necessary for dance and sign language for worship, praise and ministry.

What does a typical rehearsal/practice look like?

Each class (rehearsal) begins with a scriptural meditation or devotion as well as personal praise and worship through a song, led by one of our directors. Instructors then lead a warm up and stretch time and the rest of class time is given to teaching and refining dance pieces for outreach and our annual production in April.

Can boys join your company?

YES!!! We welcome boys ages 6 to 16 to join our BCDCrew! Their focus is on hip hop but they also learn some sign language, as they are included in our All Company finale.

I submitted the form to be put on the wait list. What happens next?

Our admin will email an invitation to the mandatory membership meeting closer to the end of the current season. Please follow us on Facebook and sign up to receive our newsletter (coming soon). Keep an eye on our calendar and come to our production in April!

You didn’t include my question! What do I do now???

If you have any other questions please fill out the “Contact Us” form and our admin will respond to you in a timely manner. Thank you!

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